Technology Is Becoming The Game Changer in Recruitment

network-process-diagram-on-computer-tablet.jpgIt may be an overused phrase, but there's no getting away from it. Technology has changed our lives. It has also affected the way in which we apply for jobs. Gone are the days of handwritten application forms being send off in the post. E-mail and the internet have revolutionized the whole process.

Therefore, technology is playing a bigger and more important part in the recruitment process than many applicants will be aware of. The current nature of the job market means that recruiters are swamped with hundreds of applications for every job that is advertised, struggle through these manually can be a time consuming process. As a result, many companies are now using CV screening software as their first line of defence.

Recruiting and retaining the right people to enable an organisation to grow and gain increased success places a significant demand on any company as the time and costs associated with the process are extremely high. However, the changing role of technology and the increased use of social media can be used as cost effective tool to find the right talent in an extremely competitive and turbulent business environment.

Technology has already changed the recruitment landscape. But new technology is always moving forward and further change is in the pipeline. Majority of consultants recognise that their business will quickly dry up without a continued investment in new technology. So how has technology really impacted on this process?

The boom in the social media space has affected many aspects of the recruitment process, recruiters no longer have to rely on the slow paced traditional methods such as newspaper to locate and attract qualified candidates.

The principle of job hunting is unchanged although a lot more instantaneous. You have to constantly stay on top of the opportunities that social media and other technology offers. You need to take the time and commitment to find your ideal role. Social media is your biggest ally and often your cheapest search method and a very effective way of marketing yourself so it really does make sense to make use of it as much as you can.

The information technology revolution has allowed recruiters and agencies the opportunity to take the recruitment process to another level. Social media channels have opened the landscape for platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to work. Besides growing your audience for job postings even further, social media websites allow companies, agencies and recruiters to;

  • Head hunt via the web,
  • Manage business networking,
  • Manage personal or company branding
  • And develop career planning.

Candidate attitudes are changing and they are being more hands-on in their employment search by creating online CV's, collecting online recommendations and networking online to set the stage for companies and recruiters to approach them through these sites.

For job seekers, the increase use of technology is making it more difficult to try and stand out in a very crowded job market. Typical 'black and white' paper CV's are no longer good enough; candidates are increasingly faced with competition from more sophisticated approaches such as detailed designed PowerPoint CV presentations and candidates promoting themselves via video on platforms like Youtube. Candidates are competitively using digital means as a way of showing off their skills and personality to attract employers in a way that a piece of paper never could.

Recruitment professionals need to go above and beyond the services of yester-year. Networks need to be bigger, stronger and faster than ever before. Return on investment is vital and recruiters need to ensure they are efficient and cost effective, at the same time as delivering a premium service. Digital isn’t going to go away, which is why it’s important for recruiters to use these tools, rather than view them as a problem.

With so many advancements, it can be challenging to stay up-to-date, so the winners will be those who can currently stay ahead of the curve while also effectively and efficiently using available technology.So whether you are an employer, a job seeker or a specialist recruiter, social media is a tried and tested and never-likely-to-be-outdated method of building reliable professional networks that will be beneficial to you and your business. So welcome these changes with open arms!

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