The future of recruitment

laptopWe are living in a world dominated by speed and efficiency, the job market is no different, in fact, it is changing faster than we may realise. Job seekers no longer have to wait for local newspapers to publish the latest job opportunities, they can easily go to their favourite company’s website and click on the careers’ page to view the latest jobs, or visit an array of job boards and apply for any position they wish, globally, from the comfort of their own home! 

This should tell you that the world of recruitment is embracing digital, pushing to the side traditional resumes and in-person interviews. With platforms like LinkedIn gaining traction, the future of recruitment is limitless. We look at some recruitment trends that are likely to be the norm in the near future.  

Recruitment and Big Data  
It is no secret that data has exploded in recent years, hence the ‘Big Data Era’. As companies and individuals interact more, endless data is being generated. In future, if not already practiced by some, hiring companies will use social data to identify people who are more likely to be open to new opportunities. They will make use of people’s online public footprint to help predict when they might be ready to leave an employer and seek a new job. This information will allow recruiters to have better visibility into job seekers, how they work and what they are passionate about. This will allow recruiters to spend less time on finding suitable candidates and more time on selling the company and the role. The importance of networking and building relationships becomes even more important than ever before.  

Recruitment and Automation  
Technology, data, algorithms and analytics is what recruiters will look into first when they want a new hire as recruiting begins to shift toward a more data-driven model. Today recruiters are bringing in more candidates that are also more qualified and building connections faster than ever before. Technology is crucial in the hiring process especially with the number of applicants for a single position, which makes the manual review and ranking of candidates resumes nearly impossible.  

However, the biggest shift is in the social platforms. We use these every day and this have changed the way we communicate on a basic human level. Just a few years ago, looking for jobs meant a lot of in person networking or emails from faceless recruiters. Today it often feels just like two people having a conversation and technology plays an integral role in making that happen.  

You will build your own position 
These days; people are all about specialization and focusing on specific industries, driven by their ‘specific’ interest. This will result in candidates building relationships with companies and people within those companies first, rather than applying for a position on a job board. A post will then be tailored to the specifics of the company and the candidate based on the candidates interests and skills, as well as where the company is headed.  

Recruitment and Mobile 
Deloitte conducted a survey of nearly 53,000 people worldwide and 43% of them conceded to checking their phones within five minutes of waking up; and 35% checked their phones five minutes before going to bed. As a recruiter, HR professional or talent acquisition manager, you should embrace mobile in order to source, contact, and hire the right candidates. Mobile traffic is growing at an exponential rate and every company should have a mobile strategy for recruiting new talent.  

The best recruitment companies will use technology that helps bring up the right candidate at a fraction of the time but hiring professionals are crucial to the process. Yes, their roles will no longer be as traditional as technology will help with the administrative and quantitative parts of sourcing and recruiting but the strategic thinking around talent will forever remain in the domain of human hands. 

Communicate Recruitment is a specialist recruitment company that is at the forefront of technology when it comes to its recruiting methodologies. Our success as a leading specialist recruitment company rests in our ability to skillfully combine both the art and the science of recruitment. We believe there is an art to recruitment, a way of connecting and engaging with skilled talent that allows us to intuitively and knowledgeably understand the next best step in an individual’s career journey, partnering with them to achieve their career objectives. 

The science of recruitment enables these connections through our investment in technology. We build intelligence from our database and spend time on developing our networks so that we can deliver the best candidates the market has to offer. Visit our website to learn more about us and how we can partner with you in your career development.