The impact of virtual offices on the Information Technology industry

notebook-and-coffee.jpgThe idea that the office is a specific place where our professional lives happen is becoming less universal, and less important. These days' people can be productive anywhere, thanks to smarter, more numerous mobile devices, faster network access, and a growing number of online collaboration tools. Increased pressure on the economy and business has CEO and MD's scrambling to find innovative ways to reduce cost. One way in which to do this is by selectively introducing virtual offices as an option for employees.

The major benefit of the Information Technology revolution is the way it opens up technology-orientated solutions to problems. As more computers are connected to the information highway and software applications provide better products, the more the corporate world will have the ability to operate from anywhere. Therefore, it's no surprise that the establishment of virtual offices is a rising organisational trend.

It does however challenge the status quo in this country as is evident when you compare us to the global telework scenario, South African business are far behind their counterparts overseas.

Even so, the reality is that the use of remote collaboration tools by more and more employees will mean that companies need less office space and use less company resources; resulting in significant cost savings for organisations, as well as savings in travelling costs and time for employees. However, it brings along a completely new set of challenge in IT management.

As networks become more complex, and more employees are working remotely, businesses are increasingly exposed to virus attacks, regardless of company size. Once again it puts a greater demand for skilled specialists in IT positions to ensure that transitions to virtual offices are viable and well managed.

Virtual offices are becoming more popular mainly because of the shift towards output based performance assessment. The traditional perception of work being a place to go to is fast being replaced by the idea that employees are responsible for achieving specific objectives in the most efficient manner.

So do you think we have the right skills in the Information Technology industry to make the concept of the virtual office set-up a viable option for companies looking to cut cost in a tough economy?

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