The IT Talent Problem, more than just Technical Skills

business-people-with-spotlight.jpgThere’s been much said about the skills shortage in the IT industry. This focuses mostly on the actual technical skills of individuals. However, there is also a gap emerging in the number of individuals that have both the necessary IT skills and business-savvy. Information technology enrollments are at an all-time low; baby boomer workers are retiring and taking all of that legacy knowledge with them.

Those experts, who can talk technology in one meeting and can talk business in another, are rare species, yet with technology moving directly into the returns stream of your company, you need them. And your need is only going to increase.

The IT industry needs to also look at the broader requirements in the current business environment, developing ways to fix this problem and to grow current employees into the leaders for tomorrow. 

The first solution to the problem lies at its source:

The IT field is so technically focused that graduates don't look at the bigger picture until they are in the field. Coding is vital, however it would help if universities placed less emphasis on coding and more on problem-solving and creative aspects.

The second solution lies in the hiring process
Take into consideration what the most important skills or qualities you need in your company.

Keep in mind those factors will often change depending on the current needs and the skills in the industry. Some companies create a mismatch on the job specifications, between what they want and what they say they want, this result in companies attracting the same type of employees over and over.

The third problem centers on what skills companies require when looking for new employees
Job descriptions often have a list of requirements so long most applicants pass right over them, even though they are actually competent. It’s also important for the company to see if the candidate is ideal for the job and if they will fit into the company culture.

Once you learn different languages, picking up another tech language isn't that difficult, especially if a company is helping you to learn it. But understanding those practices that really drive good solutions is very hard to find and even harder to develop in somebody. They have to do it practically.

For those employees and businesses that already have these skills or are willing to develop them, it's a great way to distinguish themselves in a growing competitive marketplace.

If you're an IT professional and you feel that you have the skills and you're passionate about what you do; you have to look at this as a gold mine. This is a great opportunity for you to start you new job search.

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