The Mobile Invasion

communication-technology-with-mobile-phone.jpgAfrica is a growing mobile continent, making smart mobile application development one of the continent's next big industries. Enterprises and developers are leading the world by bringing the market unique mobile applications suited to a growing market.

The development for this has to do with mobile devices becoming smarter, faster and more affordable. Mobile apps are relevant in today's day and age, because the youth are progressively more tech-savvy and the population is fast seeing the advantages of self-service. This opens up a huge opportunity in South Africa to grow the mobile industry to be a sector on its own.

Lack of resources
The big concern for the mobile application industry and many mobile application firms is the issue of the shortage of skilled resources to support the mounting demand and popularity of mobile applications. It leaves the question as to whether or not mobile app developers will be able to meet the growing demands for customers and clients in South Africa.

Due to the lack of educators with sufficient industry experience, very few educational institutions offer training courses for mobile app developers. This highlights once again the importance of private industry initiatives like the app developer laboratories opened by Blackberry in Cape Town. The more trained people come aboard, the better it will be for the entire industry.

Doing it right, from the start
To be effective, mobile apps need to begin with what the customer's needs are, and make it simple and easy to use. They also need to deliver brief, personalised and easy to navigate information to us as users, supplying all the important information at a glimpse.

One of many examples is the self-service smart phone app; we no longer have to dial *123*100# to get in touch with service providers, with the rapid change in smart phone's, they have created mobile phones to have pre-loaded icons and now help is just a click away!

With the development of mobile technology and apps it means that people are less and less reliant on laptops and offices to conduct business.

Leading the world
Africa is habitually innovative, and because mobile apps are so relevant to the African perspective, with a low problem to entry for app developers, we predict massive growth in the app development space across the continent.
A pioneering youngster with little more than internet access and skill can learn to develop apps, and bring something new to the market, modified to meet African needs. There is capacity for app development across various areas - for example, banking, healthcare and education. Apps developed for the African context may also be relevant to other developing regions of the world; clearly there is huge potential for growth in this sector.

It is therefore no surprise that a number of external investments are being made into this industry, because they have spotted our talent. LGR Telecommunications are one of the investors who saw the potential, and are focusing their attention on meeting this growing need for appropriate mobile apps to develop enterprises, enhance quality of service and customer experience.

The future is unclear but one thing is certain that the mobile application industry seems to be growing and heading in the right direction.

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