Tips to hiring quality staff


business-1149630__340.jpgThe success of most organisation depends on the quality of their employees, making hiring a critical part of business.  Bringing new talent on board can be a complex and time consuming process. Bringing a wrong candidate on the other hand, can cost the company immensely. So the process has to be done right from the word go!

Here are key things you should look at when hiring. Remember every individual brings something unique to the business and it's important to seek out those with the best qualities.

Hire for the future
Basically you don't want to hire someone who does not have potential as a long-term employee. The workforce is constantly changing so employers must forecast! Hiring someone who's skills won't evolve might not be a wise decision. The person you are hiring must have diverse skills.  You want someone who is flexible enough to adapt to changes in the work environment, since right now change is the only constant in most organizational systems.

Look for level-headed employees
Hiring the right person starts with having a reliable individual doing the hiring and who is well informed of the needs of the business. In your process, look for individuals who act both thoughtfully and with grace when a solution is needed. They should be able to keep a cool head when a situation arises and stay on task without the need for micro-management. 

We are not immune from making mistakes.  So be sure to look for someone who is not shy to say: 'I have erred; I will rectify it ASAP.' Those are the people you want to work with.  thinks that you should not dilute yourself into thinking that having a great training program means you can train people to have these characteristics. It has to be embedded in them. Go as far as asking the  candidate to describe failures they have encountered and have them share with you what they learned from them.

Use different methodologies
Don't evaluate candidates merely on the basis of their resume because a resume can contain lies. Use different methods to evaluate the learning and analytical skills of your candidates. It's also a good idea to involve other people in the evaluation process as two heads are better than one. Like Steve Jobs said: 'You need to have a collaborative hiring process.'

Getting the right people on board saves you thousands, and your business will run smoothly and efficiently - Brian Tracy . There's a world of difference between a worker who's correctly matched to their job and their organization and one who is not. You'll want to find someone who is the right fit.

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