Communicate Recruitment is changing lives

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South African children face many socio-economic challenges, which hinders them from receiving quality education. In terms of section 29 of the South African constitution, everyone has the right to basic education, including adult basic education. However, our lack of access to quality communities and ill-equipped public libraries causes this right to be somewhat a luxury to some people, like Tumelo Tshuma who hails from Orange Farm in Soweto.
Tumelo, who is currently studying IT at Wilber Force Community College in Evaton is in arrears worth R3000 for the year 2017 and R5600 for the current year. Coming from a destitute community and family, he lives with his grandmother and 12 of his other family members in a four bedroom RDP house.

Impoverish South Africans like Tumelo may never be motivated enough to realise the importance of a sustainable future through education. And that's why one of our former recruitment consultant Candice Dennison saw it fit to help Tumelo.

Communicate Recruitment and Candice embarked on a journey to getting Tumelo textbooks, a laptop and financial aid to help him have enough resources to complete his challenging IT course.

Vodacom, private individuals like Stefan Van Schoor donated textbooks and Bharat Chennupati donated a laptop.

As a specialist recruitment company in IT we would also like to see Tumelo complete his IT Diploma and help him with a start in getting his career in IT on track. But this will not happen if he does not have enough resources to get him through his course. We are inviting you to pay it forward for him, just like Candice did.

We have all had that one individual or company who went the extra mile to lend a helping hand in our career; it could have been a mentor, boss, teacher or colleague. Be that lending hand to Tumelo Tshuma and help him realise his dream of completing his course by contribute towards his tuition fees, donating more books, clothes or any other useful resources you may deem worthy to make his journey smoother. Contact us on to make arrangements for any donations.