Using failure to fuel your career success

ladder-of-success.jpgIf you have accomplished any measurable level of success in your career you've likely had to overcome a fear of failure. The reality is success escapes many people because in their minds the "risks" prevail over the "rewards".

Failure results from taking risks, however, success also results from taking risks. No one sets out to fail, but failure is an important part of our human experiences.

Think about that next time you're faced with what seems like an impossible task and use the tips below to manage your fears.

Grab opportunities – If you don't take any risks, you avoid the possibility of creating something new. You've disciplined yourself to living a safe and boring life. How about trying different things in your career knowing that not all of them will prove successful. You may be surprised by the outcome.

Research - Sometimes when we are nervous we are simply unaware of it. Work against this by doing excessive research on the things you want to do. Consider what it is you want to accomplish and spend as much time as you can to learn about it.

Action speaks louder than words - Once you've done the research, there comes a time when you need to stop reading about it and start doing it. Know that all the preparation you've done has to be sufficient and whatever happens now happens.

Consider the worst case scenario - If you take this step, what is the worst thing that can possibly happen? How long would it take you to change course and get back up? It probably wouldn't be as bad as you think, go ahead and play this out in your head.

Not all failure is failure – You might not succeed exactly like you expected. There may be unexpected results to your experiment, however, toss the fear in the bag and go where it takes you.

Have a plan B – Having an alternate plan does not mean you've given up before you've started. It just means you've considered all the risks and have a backup in place.

Let go of your safety net – Alternately, you can take the route that says no matter what happens here, there is only success or failure. So you are in control of which road to pick.

There is no guaranteed way to prevent failure. Facing this truth is an important part of the process. It is a formula, but the only real form of failure is not trying. There comes a time to face that fear and take that next step toward your career goals.

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