Using social media in your job hunt

social-network-background-with-media-icons-by-photoraidz.jpgSocial media is a key player in the job search process today. Are you benefiting from the popular social networking tools that have become a rage? Although not everybody agrees on this, more and more employers are also using information on social media to evaluate their potential hires. These employers are looking to see your communication skills, professionalism, how well rounded you are and many other skills and assets you may possess.

Find your brand
Professional branding is important for anyone who is job searching or building their career. It's important to create a personal brand that portrays you in a professional light and which provides employers and contacts with a strong positive impression of you as a high-calibre individual who would be an asset to their organization. Keep in mind that what you post online on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media platforms are out there for the world to see.

Avoiding social networks all together is not the answer either. The appropriate use of social networks demonstrates an understanding of how business and society interact now, which is particularly important to prove that you are not out-of-touch. It also offers opportunities to demonstrate knowledge, skills and a level of "with-it-ness" necessary in business today.

Search for Information about Hiring Managers
These days almost every large employer is on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. The internet offers you a wealth of information, use this to your advantage to research companies you would want to work for. Many companies make use of social media to announce job openings and will provide you with useful
information about the employers you have targeted.

LinkedIn profile is essential
Many recruiters now use LinkedIn as their
primary tool for sourcing candidates, so having a well-written and keyword-rich LinkedIn profile is essential. Make sure your profile reflects your area of expertise and accomplishments. From within LinkedIn you can also join a wide range of professional groups. Apart from linking with professionals in your own field, there are often job opportunities available through these groups, and recruiters join the groups searching for suitable candidates.

Importance of networking
You can’t expect to
benefit from social media unless you start to spend time with your contacts genuinely. After all, the contacts that you have are real people. You should be ready to talk to them, discuss important topics with them, respond to their comments etc. Only setting up social media accounts doesn’t bring the benefits you may be looking for.

Online social networking can help to position you for the next phase in your career by enhancing your personal brand and exposing you to opportunities that you might not have come across otherwise. If you do need a hand to get in contact with some of the sought-after companies in the country, we can assist. Communicate Recruitment want to assist you in finding a new job. So, make that move and browse through our available vacancies, which include Finance jobs, IT jobs, Engineering jobs, Supply Chain jobs and Freight jobs.

Credit: by photoraidz