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The growth of online video, coupled with the growth of digital cameras and video technology has led to a new emerging trend of video résumés or visumés as some would say. This trend has not yet been fully explored by candidates but it sure is a great alternative. We have compiled a list of great video résumés we think you should copy if you want to steer away from the conventional CV, but before we do that, here is what you need to know about visumés.

It has to be perfect
A video CV has to look great or it will make you look incompetent and highly unprofessional. If you are camera shy then forego the idea of a video CV, as your personality and demeanour will be visible. A good background, sound and camera quality cannot be stressed.

It will depend on the role you are applying for
Having a video CV will depend on the sector you are in, the role you are applying for and your personality as an individual, so if you are an accountant it might not be ideal as video CVs tend to be more appropriate when applying for a creative role but if you have something outstanding to offer and you can communicate it on film then go for it.

Visual discrimination
Video CV give your potential employer the opportunity to see your social class, ethnicity, weight and age all before they can meet you and if they do not like what they see, they can reject you before even meeting you causing you to be prone to visual discrimination.

Why employers like it
It's almost like a first interview, employers can use it as a measure of preselection, besides, it's a great way to stand out from the conventional CV.
Shooting a video CV takes time so the assumption is that only the most ambitious candidates will actually go through with it, so by virtue of going that extra mile you just might score a point.

Here are 3 great video resumes we think you should copy: