What qualities are employers looking for?

woman-940607_640_1 (2).pngThat’s the million-dollar question! Job adverts most of the time reflect a long list of bullet points with requirements and responsibilities. Once you get to a job interview, you realise that the job advert very often does not reflect the whole picture. Employers are looking for qualities in new staff that are never really listed in the job ad. The bottom line is that today’s top employers are looking for more than the right training and education. They are seeking employees who are well-rounded, adaptable, committed and a good fit for their organisational culture.

So what qualities are employers really looking for:

Professional is about as basic as career advice gets. But even the most seasoned of CEOs can get tripped up by the basics. Far too many people gets wrapped up with the appearance of professionalism -- a look, an image, something that is superficial. The truth is, you can put on the fanciest, most expensive suit you want but that doesn't make you a professional. What makes you a professional is the seriousness and sincerity with which you approach your job. Professionals do not cut corners. Professionals are thorough, and oftentimes meticulous about their work. Professionals hold themselves to a certain set of standards they always seek to maintain.

Passion and Enthusiasm
The reality is that the pace of life and work are hectic these days. It is therefore no surprise that employers know that today’s employees need to have plenty of energy and enthusiasm and need to be resilient to pressures and stress.

Intellectual curiosity
Being intellectually curious is all about asking questions, not about having answers. It's about believing in the pursuit of knowledge as a value in and of itself. Whether it’s new ideas, new technologies, new methods or new approaches, today’s top candidates need to be intellectual curious. By constantly asking 'can I be doing something that is more crucial to the company?', employees instantly become a much more valuable asset, be it understanding which product to priorities in a pitch, or focusing on team projects that will help the company's overall strategy.

Complex Problem Solving
Even when it isn’t specified in the job description, many employers will look at your problem-solving skills at various different stages of the application process. It means thinking out of the box, challenging the status quo, and being able to come up with innovative solutions that achieve positive results. In today’s business world this is considered a key differentiator.

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