When I grow up I want to be a…?

progress-definition-magnifier.jpgIs your current job starting to make you feel like you're going nowhere slowly? Isn't it time you consider changing your job for a new one that will challenge your inner ambition?

Have a look at these signs to see if you're burning out or in need of a change, fast!

  • You normally dread waking up in the morning to go to work
  • The morning commute is enough to make you want to call in sick (every day)
  • Your current occupation isn't associated with your ultimate career goal(s)
  • The company's culture is non-existent or it doesn't fit with your values

If your career isn't going in the direction you'd like, then here are three questions to consider and help you get on the right track:

What is your dream job? If someone walks up to you at this current moment and said that you could have any job that you wanted today, what would it be? "Dream job" doesn't essentially mean bigger salary, but rather it's the job that would bring the most fulfillments in your life and career. Remember when you were a kid you use to say, "When I grow up I want to be a (insert dream job as a child)!" Now, take that same wonderful, fearless ignorance and ask yourself that question again.

If you knew failure wasn't an option, what job would you aim for? Some people are stuck in their comfort zones and too scared to venture out of it. They are anxious to go after what they really want in their professional and general life, for that matter. So, if you know that failure was out of the picture, what is the profession you would pursue? Surely, failure often helps you appreciate the success much more. But for the sake of figuring out your ultimate career, what is fear holding you back from achieving or trying?

Happiness, Money or both? You must be realistic with where your dreams lie. As mentioned in the first question, if earning a top salary is what you're after, then support your career objectives accordingly. However, if you're more interested in finding a fulfilling career and money isn't your main concern, then seek out the job that will gratify your needs. And yes, there are plenty of careers that are both satisfying and well-paid. However, when you're in a dead-end job and looking for a way out, you must figure out what is absent in your current occupation so that you don't wind up in the same work pickle.

Don't you think that its time you start moving onto bigger and better things?

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