Why you should care about career adaptability

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If a business decides to change its core function and transition into something else, where would that leave you as an employee? Will you be able to transition as well or would you have to find another job?

If you say: I will be able to transition seamlessly into a new role – then you are career adaptable. If you say no, I will have to change jobs and continue doing what I was doing in a different company - then you are by default not career adaptable.

Let us break it down:

Career adaptability refers to a person's willingness and ability to adapt to changing work environments. Career adaptability can be learnt and practiced. It is not specific to age, culture or demographic. To become career adaptable, you need to be prepared to engage in an ongoing process of self-reflection; development of skills and understanding needed to cope with change.

The true value of it
Career adaptability comes with you being vested in the outcome of your career as a whole. For example, you should be more concerned in what you want to achieve in life as opposed to just getting a promotion in your current post. Think about this: can you picture your future without your job title being tied to it? 

What is required from you
Career adaptability requires a number of skills and personality traits that you can grow over time. One study has even written The 4 c's of career adaptability you can adopt which are:

  • Concern - you have to be concerned about your future and realise that it is important.
  • Control - understand that you are responsible for developing your career. Take ownership and control of your personal career.
  • Curiosity - display a sense of curiosity by exploring different career scenarios.
  • Confidence - be confident and strong enough to pursue your aspirations.

You need to embody all these elements and more in order to be able to adapt. You will further need to build a strong network, be a forward thinker and continuously learn new skills.

Why you should care about it
The job market is unpredictable therefore being flexible on your career path can lead to higher job satisfaction. Your ability to be open to new possibilities outside of your current field or scope of work will lead you to great heights.

Career adaptability is not only about skills, qualifications or experience but about being willing and capable of foreseeing how to approach new opportunities with optimism and confidence. The key is to focus on the life you want to build and not on any particular job title.

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