Why you should job search even when you love your job

laptop-and-notepad.jpgSo you love your job, you’re happy! The pay is good and your co-workers are lovely. Leaving your current job and looking for a new one is most probable not in your foreseeable future. But maybe it should be. The only way to truly grow your career now is to think about where you want to be going in the future. Here are reasons why you should job search even when you love your job.

It helps you prepare
Loving your job is all good, feeling appreciated and valued is even better. But your profession is ever evolving and it’s important to know where your industry is headed or you risk being left behind. The skills you had when you were hired might not be as impactful 5 years from now and continuously searching of jobs online can give you an idea of what’s expected of you in the industry and what new skills you might have to learn. For example, you might have to learn how to use a certain software that will help you function better at work.

Backup plan
Anything can happen so it’s best to keep your options open. If you’ve been low-key searching for a job you can easily go back to a list of searches when your company hits a ruff spot or your lovely workplace deteriorate into drudgery. Moreover, when you are employed there is less pressure on you when you job hunt. You still have your current job that you love and it gives you the luxury of choosing to apply solely to jobs that you want and gives you the opportunity to negotiate benefits.

Keep the search discreet
Continue to love your current job, excel in it and keep the search for a new job to yourself. Don’t lose focus on your current job just because you are suddenly job hunting. Don’t post on social media either. You may not have your boss or other seniors online but that doesn't mean they aren't viewing your profile. It’s best not to post anything that indicates you are looking for a job, on the other hand, you might want to keep your LinkedIn profile up to date. Recruiters are always looking for new talent online and it can just be the opportunity you are looking for.

Truth is, there’s nothing wrong with job searching while you are still employed and it does not mean you love your job less either. You just have to be strategic about it. What’s important is preparing yourself for the next move and knowing what other professionals in your field are getting up to and what your future employer will expect of you. If you do want to start looking at possible new opportunities, we can help. Communicate Recruitment connects Great People with great job opportunities. We can help you plan your career journey that will ensure you realise your ambitions. Contact us today.