Why you should work in a team


render-2001817__340.jpgTeams are created  to carry out tasks more effectively than an individual can in the workplace. But not everyone enjoys working in teams, most people shy away from it while others completely avoid it or purely prefer working alone. Be that as it may, it's important to note that there are a number of benefits to working in a team for both you and the organisation you work for. Here are reasons why you should work in teams.  

Shared responsibility
A team which ensures that the workload is shared equally across its members is perhaps the best example of teamwork being put to use. It's clear that the benefits of sharing responsibility  outweigh those of keeping it all to yourself. When a team works well together as a unit, they are able to accomplish more than an individual member can.

Conflict resolution skills
It's almost impossible to work in a team and not engage in some sort of conflict, it's inevitable. Research shows that staff trained in dispute resolution techniques and good communication skills are less likely to enter into conflicts. Part of good business management involves effective conflict resolution, so you are better off learning how to manage conflict now than later on in your career, a skill you can keep and use universally.

Boost morale in the work place
There are challenges each day in any workplace. Support and a sense of belonging can curb all that. When team members work well together, members tend to feel more comfortable in offering suggestions and feel proud of their contributions. In essence, a strong team can act as a great support mechanism for staff members working coherently in a team. More reason to go to work, right?

Looks good on your resume 
Teamwork is one of the fundamental skills employers always look for. Have you ever applied for a job where "teamwork" was not mentioned in the job description?  This is because knowing how to work coherently with a team is essential in thriving in the workplace. In essence, your ability to work cooperatively with others is the most important skill you can develop if you want to achieve your full potential in your career.

Everyone benefits
Teamwork allows employees to take greater responsibility for decision making and also allows them to control more of the work process. This can lead to improved morale as employees gain more authority and ownership over the projects they are working on. And for the employer, this can mean lower turnover so it's not just a management fad, it's a thing to be acquainted with.

Not everyone likes working in teams, but the benefits outweigh those of working alone. If you are looking for your next career opportunity, you can team up with us. Visit our website to learn more.

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