Why your company should use a recruitment agency

handshake.01.pngHiring a new employee is a time consuming but very significant process. When you have a vacant position in your busy company, the task of finding a new employee may be challenging considering the amount of time and resources that have to be dedicated to this process.  If you feel that your company must focus on its core competencies and cannot afford to lose time spend on finding the right candidate then the services of a recruitment agency is just what you need.  

Here is what you need to know when bringing a recruitment agency on board to help with your hiring process.

They'll save you time
It is said that in business, time is money and recruiters will definitely save you time. This is because the hiring process is and can be time-consuming. Imagine if you had to post a job opening and you had hundreds of CV flocking in, half won't be qualified nor 'right' for the job. Then it's the interview process, final selection and backgrounds checks which all offers its own challenges. It's a lot. A recruitment agency can handle all of this for you in half the time because that is what they do.

Repeat business
If you spend time building the right relationship with a recruitment agency to help them understand your company culture and the values and attributes you are looking for in future employees, it will help your hiring process in the long term. A good recruitment agency can be used repeatedly for available positions. It means that when new positions become available, the agency will have the details they need and can find the perfect candidate as soon as possible.

Industry specific
It really depends on the talent you need to hire, but more often than not it's better to work with recruiters that specialize in a specific industry. The most important thing about industry specific recruiters is their in-depth wealth and knowledge, from staying up to date with trends, knowing key industry players, and having strong ties to top skilled candidates in the industry.

With an industry-specific recruiter you are assured that, they will be able to find you the right candidate in a niche that they specialize in especially if you are filling a senior position.

Cost effective
Giving a recruitment agency the task of finding you great candidates is good business sense. Costs associated with bad hire can be eliminated if not significantly reduced. Recruitment agencies study the unique values and cultural norms that make your company a successful one and will relieve your organisation from the need to keep up to date with changing HR practices in recruitment. This means that you can then utilise your time on your core business needs. 

The best part is that; it is their job. It's what they do. Finding great talent and placing it.

It's not unusual for hiring managers to believe that working with four or more recruitment agencies is an advantage and can even give you a competitive edge when it comes to sourcing a shining new addition. However, this is a general misconception as in many cases it will bring you more candidates but not necessarily better quality candidates. In the current economic conditions with a shortage in talent, you need a specialist recruitment agency that excels in connecting with top candidates, active and passive, and have an established database of experienced candidates. To improve your hiring practices what you really need is to develop a partnership with a single recruitment agency that at the end of the day can become an extension of your company. They will know exactly what type of candidates you need to improve your business in the future.

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