Women to Women

fashion-1442969_640.pngIn the spirit of Women’s Day this month I wanted to look specifically at some tips for women in the workplace. In many, if not most, sectors of the workforce we have accomplished women that can boast successful careers. One of the most important things I’ve learned is that the advice of others who has gone before you is priceless. Therefore, I am a firm believer in putting together your own personal board of advisers that can guide you, and help you keep direction when you face tough choices in your career.

I have to confess this is not my own brilliant idea. I first heard of this when I read Caroline Dowd-Higgins book This is Not the Career I Ordered.  But she’s a smart woman who knows what she is talking about, so allow me to share some of my thoughts on this with you:

Making the cut
The first and most important question is: how do you select the right people to be on your board? Start with people in your work circle that you admire and who will be able to provide you with valuable insight in your career and choices. It must be people that will be honest with you, and help you to think differently about situations; after all you want to get a different perspective. 
The other factor to keep in mind is that it’s important to select people that know you well, that you have easy access to, and will be willing to help and listen when the time comes. There is no use in wanting to add Richard Branson to your list as you have never even met the guy. 
So what of type of people do you need to include in your mix to make sure this works for you? I give you my top 3 suggestions:

First off you need somebody who can be your conscience when your own one has gotten too bogged down with everyday stuff. It’s important to have somebody that can keep you accountable and help you to push forward to accomplish your goals. This needs to be a person that can be honest with you at all times and practice some tuff love when needed to make sure you persevere. 

Having a Networker on your Boards is critically important as this individual will be somebody that knows people. So if you need a connection, want to talk to a specialist or tap into some specific market intelligence, this individual would be able to help you connect with the right people. 

This individual can assist you with the bigger picture, help you dream a little and assist you with identifying goals that will help you reach that next step in your career. This person will need to be objective and practical but can also be a motivator when required. 

 So in this month of celebrating women, start to gather your board of advisors and give your career a boost. 

For more on this topic visit Caroline Dowd-Higgins blog.

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